Common Grounds Caffe
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Common Grounds Caffe has been sold.
It is now called the Common Cup Coffeehouse and they are continuing with our vision of offering a Christian coffeehouse to the community of Morris.

We wish the Common Cup Coffeehouse well and hope that you stop by for coffee.

Thank you to all who came into the Common Grounds Caffe.  We enjoyed the community, the friends, and the fellowship.  Our best wishes to all of you. 

Randy & Jill Fischer

Our Coffee house ...
Common Grounds Caffe began as a dream of our to establish a community gathering place and center for visual and performing arts.  A comfortable, relaxed, quiet, enjoyable place to sit by the fire and sip a hot cup of specialty coffee. At Common Grounds Caffe (CGC) we feel we truly accomplished that goal.

We sold the building and business operation to a group of churches who operate the coffeehouse in much the same manner and with the same purpose and mission as Jill and Randy set out to provide.  They have expanded the menu, continued the entertainment, and truly made the coffeehouse a community meeting place.  Come in and relax by the stone fireplace at the NEW Common Cup Coffeehouse.

 Building Information

Located at the intersection of MN Hy 28 and MN Hy 9 on MAINSTREET in Morris, Minnesota.

See PHOTO PAGE for pictures of the interior and floor plan diagrams.

Morris is a great community with one of the top Universities in the country located within the city limits. Walking distance from the coffeehouse and upstairs rental apartments.

Stevens EMS - ALS Ambulance and EMS Education.


The Viking Challenge - Extreme wilderness MUD 5K MUD RUN in northern Minnesota September 15, 2012 visit them at

Congratulations to Common Cup Coffeehouse and the entire staff, management, and board of directors for continuing to provide the greatest coffeehouse in West Central Minnesota!! Check it out if you have not been here for a while. Musicians, artist, contact them...same phone number and address.

Josh Fischer's Newest CD Release - EVOLUTION

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